Celebrating 20years Anniversary
1997 - 2017


Fantastic milestone, well done guys!
Wilco Kersten | Research Technician at Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research, Melbourne Australia. And former Mercachem colleague 2004-2005

Fantastisch! Prachtige mijlpaal voor heel Mercachem, gefeliciteerd! Veel plezier gewenst in September ;) Groetjes, Guillaume
Guillaume Hemmer | Research Chemist at Solvay-Novecare, Paris France. And former Mercachem colleague 2015-2016

What an incredible achievement. Congratulations to the whole Mercachem family! I spent some fantastic years at this innovative company. Great people makes the company great.
Stefan Geboers | Associate Scientist/Project Manager at DSM. And former Mercachem colleague 2003-2008.

Congratulations! You must be really proud of what you achieved! I will never forget the wonderful years at your company...
Arjan van Losenoord | Laboratory Technician at Rolic Technologies, Basel, Switzerland. And former Mercachem colleague 2001 - 2010.

Proud to be part of the twenty year Mercachem
Tommi Meulemans | Director of Discovery Chemistry at Mercachem

Congratulations gentlemen. Looking forward to join you guys. And just in time for the party! The word “borrelcommissie” made my day when I got the invite for the weekend in September.
Rutger Folmer | Associate Director at AstraZeneca, Kunbacka, Sweden.