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Update COVID-19:

The COVID-19 situation is currently impacting most of the globe, including Asia, Europe and North America. At all MercachemSyncom sites, we follow the recommendations of the local competent authorities as they are released. We have established a series of contingency measures aimed at reducing risks for our employees, their families and the MercachemSyncom Operations. These measures are proactively being reassessed at regular intervals and adapted as deemed appropriate.

The MercachemSyncom team is united and determined to face the situation with the energy, strength and passion that constitute one of our hallmarks.

Legal notice

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Mercachem and Mercatorial are registered trade names of parent company Mercachem Holding b.v.. Mercachem Holding b.v. is made up of five subsidiaries: Mercachem b.v., Mercaleads b.v., Mercatorial b.v., Mercachem Process Research b.v. and Mercasite b.v.. All statutory seats are in Nijmegen. The respective Trade Register numbers for these corporations are as follows:

10147906, 09127273, 55343104, 09117608, 09155544 and 09146498, all registered in Arnhem.

VAT numbers for these corporations are as follows: NL812018370.B01, NL810510807.B01, NL851663254.B01, NL8095372230.B01, NL815053757.B01 and NL813975888.B01