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Patent lisdexamfetamine production improved enzymatic catalysis 72dpi

Enzymatic catalysis is a strong tool for the efficient improvement of synthetic production processes.

In collaboration with Noramco Inc. (US), scientists at Mercachem have invented a new production method for Lisdexamfetamine. The drug is used in the treatment of ADHD. Enzymes are used to catalyze the key step in the synthesis in a highly stereoselective manner. The new process is more cost effective and enables production of the drug with higher purity.

Dr. Phil Cox of Noramco commented: “The proposed use of enzymes as catalysts for the large scale production of Lisdexamfetamine has resulted in high conversions and stereo-selectivity, which was not possible using classical chemical methods.”

“Despite the many research activities in the field of biocatalysis currently, there still remains a large unexplored potential for the use of enzymes in the synthesis of active pharmaceutical ingredients,” said Dr. Göran Verspui, Director of Process Research. “Especially for large-scale applications, enzyme catalysts afford many advantages, such as increased product quality, simplified process operations, and reduced cost.”

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