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Mercachem Ubiq join forces tackle sumoylation 72dpi

True innovation requires fearless work on groundbreaking technologies with the right partners. 

Mercachem and UbiQ, a biotech company focused on the development and commercialization of research tools and small molecule drugs targeting the ubiquitin system, have established a unique partnership in the field of SUMOylation.

We have joined forces in a new company, called SumiQ Therapeutics, to develop a targeted therapy for Myc-driven cancers, an unrivaled challenge in modern oncology research.

Functional genomics screens have revealed that the activation of oncogenes Myc, NOTCH1 or mutant KRAS generates a cancer-specific dependency on SUMOylation. SumiQ Therapeutics aims to exploit this cancer vulnerability by targeting protein SUMOylation.

“We are excited that we can contribute with our strong medicinal chemistry expertise to the success of SumiQ, and to collaborate with a very knowledgeable team in protein SUMOylation, jointly aiming at pushing the frontiers in cancer research,” commented Frank Leemhuis, Managing Director of Mercachem.

“This partnership with Mercachem allows us to demonstrate the application of our Triple E technology platform in developing mechanism-based covalent SUMOylation inhibitors” commented Alfred Nijkerk, CEO of UbiQ and SumiQ.

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