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AiCuris selects Mercachem as preferred medicinal chemistrypartner72dpi

The surge of life-threatening infections caused by multi-drug resistant pathogens requires continuous vigilance and development of novel antiviral and antibacterial medicines for the treatment of these severe and potentially deadly diseases.

Therefore, Mercachem is proud that AiCuris, a leading pharmaceutical company in this field, has selected the company as their preferred medicinal chemistry partner for their lead finding and optimization projects against multiple anti-infective targets.

"After having worked successfully with Mercachem for many years on several projects, we recognized the company as the right partner to support us in the further expansion of our anti-infectives discovery pipeline," said Dr. Holger Zimmermann, CEO of AiCuris.

"Mercachem's extensive expertise and well established infrastructure in medicinal chemistry combined with their knowledge of underlying biological mechanisms should enable us to further accelerate our promising discovery programs addressing life-threatening diseases with high unmet medical needs including multi-resistant pathogens."

“We are pleased that AiCuris has chosen Mercachem as their strategic collaboration partner in the field of medicinal chemistry,” commented Dr. Gerhard Müller, Senior Vice President Medicinal Chemistry of Mercachem. He further added: “We will leverage our in-house expertise applying ligand-based design using the phenotypic biology data in progressing AiCuris’ lead finding and optimization projects”.


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