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Mercachem excels at interpreting pharmacological data and translating this into next-generation compounds, regardless of chemical complexity. We optimize a spectrum of efficacy and physicochemical parameters to feed efficient DesignMakeTestAnalyze iterations and progress your hit or lead molecules. 

Our medicinal chemistry experience stretches across the entire preclinical discovery phase:

  • Hit evaluation – we can assist with hit triage in any of the major screening paradigms, such as HTS, fragments, and DNA-encoded libraries. Subsequent resynthesis and analoging will generate the start of a high-quality lead-finding program
  • Lead Identification – we have ample experience in progressing multiple hit series toward sustainable lead compounds. We have worked across the entire spectrum from phenotypic programs to X-ray structure enabled projects.
  • Lead Optimization – looking to progress your lead molecule to a clinical candidate? We have the synthetic muscle and medicinal chemistry mindset to help advance your equity.

We also have much experience with coordinating ADME, crystallography, and assay services, and we offer solutions for maintaining a database for all project data. As such, Mercachem is the true one-stop shop for your medicinal chemistry projects.

Test our skills on your most complex projects!


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