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We firmly believe in the underlying chemical principles of the ELF project. Apart from producing 40,000 compounds, we have been extensively involved in the organisation of this collaboration.

WP10: Review & Selection

Jorg Benningshof (Director of Parallel Chemistry) is part of the library selection committee. The committee reviews library proposals according to novelty, innovation, and complementarity to existing scaffolds. To date, close to 900 scaffolds have been evaluated.

A recent paper in Drug Discovery Today reported the efforts of the library selection committee and the prospects of the ELF Project.

WP11: Experimental Validation

Luc Van Hijfte (Senior Vice President of Medicinal Chemistry) and Jorg Benningshof are supervising this work package. As such, they are responsible for the validation of syntheses and scaling up of scaffolds. Validation also includes the detailed scope of chemistry possible at a minimum of two variation points on a scaffold.

As of today, approximately 225 scaffolds have been chemically validated and subjected to library production.

WP12: Library generation

Mercachem is one of the small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) responsible for the production of libraries based on validated scaffolds. The aim is to produce 8000 compounds annually, based on 16 new scaffolds.